Selling Advice

Advice from the experts

Instant smell, instant sell! Everyone knows that old trick. Brew up a pot of freshly ground coffee just before the doorbell rings and let the aroma permeate gently through the halls just as potential buyers walk through the door.

That’s one tip, but who knows if it actually has any impact. Here are some more grounded selling tips from our experts:


De-clutter and de-personalise before photographs are taken

We recommend giving your property a critical once-over as soon as you decide you want to sell. De-cluttering will not only help viewers see your property in its best light, it’ll also make your moving process easier!

There are certain aspects that all prospective buyers will look for, so think ahead and ensure you’re tackling all of the below:

  • Clearly defined rooms: ensure each room looks like it has a purpose and value in the property, and isn’t just a dumping ground or pointless space.
  • Plenty of space: try not to overcrowd rooms with big or bulky furniture, as this will make them look smaller.
  • Enough storage: Utilise all cupboards and shelves neatly – overflowing coffee tables and kitchen counters covered in items will give an impression of limited storage.

Build buyer confidence by creating positive first impressions

A freshly painted front door is the logical place to start. After all, there is no second chance to make a great first impression.

If you don’t want to go that far, simply cleaning up the front entrance can go a long way. Many buyers will not see through tired doormats, pizza menus, junk mail, and last year’s autumn leaves in the hallway.

Inside, pack away clutter, shoes, fridge magnets and dishes to give a sense of ample storage, and pack away other ‘collectables’ so buyers can imagine their own possessions in the home.


Fix broken lighting to create bright and cosy spaces

Lighting can add enchantment and warmth to any space… or disenchantment if rooms are dark and cold. Bare or missing light bulbs have the same unkempt effect.

Well-placed lighting gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. If budget allows, consider feature lighting in entries and reception rooms. Ensure there is adequate task lighting in the kitchen and study areas, and avoid harsh light in bedrooms and areas of relaxation.

In winter months, keep lights on for viewings – especially in rooms that don’t have an abundance of natural light.

Ensure the property smells fresh and clean

Fresh air in, damp smells out; open windows and doors for a short while before viewings (if it’s not too cold!), and make use of ‘plug-ins’ or light some scented candles.

Clear away clutter and food (a bowl of fresh fruit is ok!), and give the impression of a healthy, happy space. The same goes for the bathroom; tidy bottles and creams and display some fresh, neatly folded towels, making sure the room looks & smells hygienic.

Place plants or flowers throughout your house. It doesn’t need to be a rainforest (remember the clutter!), but it will help make your home look more inviting, fresh and can make it smell beautiful.


Complete odd jobs to leave a ‘turn-key’ impression

Loose door handles, small scuffs, peeling paint or an un-hinged garden gate all suggest that work needs to be done on the property. This could be used to re-negotiate the price, so make sure everything is in order.

If you have a garden, check that the outside of the house is as neat and tidy as the inside; trim the lawn, pick up the leaves and trim back plants!